How to Create a Sister Wives Profile

How to Create an amazing Sister Wives Profile

Once you are on the main page, the site will ask you to login or join. To create a profile, simply click join; the site will prompt you to input your information starting with your Username on the next box; please be sure to use a valid email as you will need to verify the account after approval. 

From there, you will enter your password and your selection for gender; if you are a female and part of a group or couple, your I am box would be group or couple.

While filling out your profile, Remember:

* Be Authentic Share things that are about yourself/s You never know how much of a conversation starter they may become

* Add photos, at the minimum one photo for your Avatar. The more photos, the better take photos of different angles and a long body shot this may help while matching

* Don't leave your about me blank; there is no way anyone will know anything about you with a blank profile

Once your profile is completed and you submit, the profile will go into pending status; you will receive an email to verify the said profile, and then it will become approved, and you will be on your way to find your match

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