How to Cancel your subscription 

If you Paid via the site through PayPal Or credit card option, please email us 7 days before your billing to ensure that billing is removed. Please remember to send the user email for the billing account. The time we ask for ensures there is enough time to remove your billing in a timely fashion before billing. It will also give us time in case we have an issue finding your billing profile to reach you. 

If you request Payment cancelation Less than 7 days before billing, we will do all we can to get the request processed; however, Sisterwives can not guarantee that the billing will not happen.

If you remove billing in the middle of a VIP, you will still keep your time until the billing cycle ends.

If you have paid through the Google play store, You will want to go to your play store account, find the subscription, and click cancel to remove future billing.

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